Sku : EEP-091114-029

1" x .026 Rubber-White

Fulflex Rubber Elastic (10114)
1. Sold per lb

2. 26 yards per lb

3. 884 yards per 34 lb carton

(All quantities approximate)
Fulflex Rubber Elastic is the recognized leader in thin gauge specialty elastics. A special formulation of synthetic or natural rubber compounds delivers superior results for the demanding fabrics of todays textile industry. Fulflex Rubber elastic is the industry standard for use in the finest swimwear and athletic wear. We stock Fulflex Rubber elastic mostly in two thicknesses (called gauge); .026 (thinner) and .030 (thicker), but some thinner sizes are available, please see the product list. Available in two colors (black or white), and in a variety of widths. For a quick response, please Email to the following:

1. The thickness required.

2. The color required (black or white).

3. The width needed.

4. The quantity needed.

5. Your production shipping location, for example USA, Asia, South America, etc.
1. Please inquire about available samples.
1. Most Fulflex products in stock and ship the same day.

2. If you don't see the thickness/width you need, please inquire.

3. Minimum order is one full carton of approximately 25 lbs