Sku : FUSE-26307-029

40" Wide Style #26307 Non-Woven Double Sided Fusable Interlining-White

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1. 40" wide, 100 yards per roll.

2. Double sided.

3. In stock.
Our fusings and interlinings are all first quality, made from the finest fabrics and top quality adhesives. Here are the specs for Style #26307:

1. Fabric Composition: 100% Polymide

2. Construction: Non-woven

3. Coating: Double sided

4. Glue Line Temperature: 100-110C

5. Pressure: Hand Fuse

6. Washing Instructions: Machine Washable And Dry Cleanable.
1. Samples sent at no charge.
1. Fusing/Interlining in stock and ship the same day.

2. Not all Fusing and Interlinings are displayed on our web site. If you don't see the type you need, please inquire at

3. Minimum order is one roll of 100 yards.