Sku : CBC-360032B-54-030

54" Tipped Cotton Drawcord-Black

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Tipped drawcord is popularly used in hoodies, board shorts and lace up fronts. Primarily stocked in colors black, white and natural, we can also dye to match for you. Not all styles of tipped drawcord shown on our web site. If you don't see the tipped drawcord you need, please Email to the following:

1. The length of the drawcord, measured tip-to-tip.

2. The diameter of the drawcord, as follows, all diameters approximate:
 1/8" (32B),  3/16" (48B),  1/4" (64B),  1/2" (112B)

3. Specify core or no core. Core is a center thread which adds stiffness.

4. Flat or Round style.

5. The quantity needed.

6. Your production shipping location, for example USA, Asia, South America, etc.
1. Stock samples provided free of charge.
1. Stocked tipped drawcords ship same day, minimum order 144 pieces.

2. Non-stock tipped drawcords have a typical minimum of 1,440 pieces, but please inquire for the particular item you require.

3. Can do dye-to-match.