Sku : LDG-101580-C01

1.25" Cluny Edge Lace With Seashells and Beads-White Lace

Embellished Cluny Lace
1. Classic Cluny lace, with added beads, sequins and rhinestones for that extra pazazz!

2. Our 100% cotton cluny lace is dyeable, but subject to 2%-3% shrinkage in both length and width. Please take this shrinkage factor into consideration if the lace is to be dyed.

3. Not all styles of cluny lace we stock are shown on our web site. If you don't see what you're looking for, please send us a quick Email to
1. Most cluny lace's shown on the web site are in stock, test samples mailed at no charge.
1. Minimum purchase is one full spool. Yardages per spool vary for each pattern, please inquire about the specific yardage for the lace you desire.

2. Most cluny laces in stock, same day shipping.