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1" Nylon Stretch Lace Edge Raw White

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Nylon Stretch Lace is one of our most popular items. Stretch lace is manufactured in 3 basic styles:

a. Galloon, meaning both edges have a scalloped design.

b. Edge, meaning one edge (usually the top edge) is straight, with the bottom edge being scalloped or otherwise decorative.

c. Allover, meaning a stretch fabric, typically 45" to 60" in width.

d. Shown are just a few of the many styles we have available.

e. Stretch lace can further be customized with cross-dyeing, having metallic yarns added, or stitching with rhinestones, beads, sequins, etc. Purchase minimums for customizing may apply.

For a quick response, please Email to the following:

1. The style (galloon, edge or allover) of the stretch you require.

2. The width range (for example, 1" to 1.5").

3. The color required, or dye-to-match (dye charges will apply).

4. The approximate production quantities needed.

5. How soon the quantities will be needed.

6. Your production shipping location, for example USA, Asia, South America, etc.
1. No sample minimum for goods in stock.

2. For non-stock and/or custom made Stretch Lace, sample fees may apply, please inquire.
1. Lead time approximately 4 weeks for non-stock goods. Stock goods ship same day.

2. Minimum order for stock goods is the quantity on one full spool, typically 144 - 250 yards.

3. Minimum order for custom goods typically 5,000 yards.