Sku : MMU-974025-960

1/4" Metal Slider & O'ring-Gold

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Sliders are stainless metal, nylon coated, or plastic fastener hardware shaped like the number figure "8." They function as fasteners on garment straps to make the strap length adjustable. They are commonly used on dresses, swimsuits, brassiers, lingerie, and garter belts. They come in many different sizes and in plastic colors: clear, black, and white. In metal finishes, colors include: gold, nickel, rose gold, black (nylon coated), and white (nylon coated). They are durable, waterproof, rust-proof, salt water and chlorine resistant. For a quick response, please Email the following:

1. The SKU number of the slider you require or an image if available.

2. Your intended usage, such as dresses, swimwear, lingerie, etc.

3. Your prefered material content (plastic, metal, alloy, nylon coated).

4. The color and finish desired.

5. The inside diameter size needed.

6. Any critical fabrication specs, such as washability, colorfastness, lead-free, etc.

7. The approximate sample and production quantities needed.

8. How soon the quantities will be needed.

9. Your production shipping location, for example USA, Asia, South America, etc.
1. Please inquire about available samples.
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