Sku : STC-669763-030

1" Spaced #2 Nickel Hook On Black Tape

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Hook and Eye Tape is used to fasten 2 sides of a shirt or blouse together. Shown are the most popular style we carry. For goods in stock, the minimum order is one spool (typically 144 yards) of male & female sides. For a quick response, please Email to the following:

1. The base tape (cotton, poly, velvet, lace, etc) and the color you require.

2. The style (shape) of the hook and eye, please choose from the images shown.

3. The color of the hook and eye, such as nickel, gold or enamel black or white.

4. The spacing required, measured from the center of the hook to the center of the adjacent hook.

5. Whether the hook or eye side needs a flap to protect the skin.

6. The approximate production quantities needed.

7. How soon the quantities will be needed.

8. Your production shipping location, for example USA, Asia, South America, etc.
1. Please inquire about available samples.
1. Lead time approximately 3 weeks for non-stock goods. Stock goods ship same day.

2. Minimum order for stock goods is typically 144 yards (both male & female sides).

3. Minimum order for custom goods typically 1008 yards.