Sku : TWC-395001-029

1/8" Cotton Hang Tape White

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Hang Tape is used inside a garment, to support the garment while on a hanger. We stock hang type in colors black, white and natural. Available in two material contents, cotton or poly. For a quick response, please Email to the following:

1. The type of hang tape you require (cotton or poly).

2. The width and color needed.

3. The quantities needed (Put-up 800 - 1,000 yards per spool).

4. Your production shipping location, for example USA, Asia, South America, etc.
1. No samples, minimum purchase is a single spool of 800 - 1,000 yards.
1. Most hang tapes in stock and ship the same day.

2. Minimum order is one full spool of 800 - 1,000 yards.