Sku : TWM-620551-C03

5/8" Width Satin Ribbon With 1.5" Spaced Eyelets
Rose Satin Ribbon, Antique Gold Eyelets

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Eyelet tape is used as a decorative accent. Shown are just a few of the many tape/eyelet combinations we can create. Minimum production order is 250 yards. For a quick response, please Email to the following:

1. The base tape and color you require (Twill tape, satin ribbon, velvet ribbon, lace, etc.

2. The color eyelets and their spacing, measured from center to center of the eyelet.

3. The approximate production quantities needed.

4. How soon the quantities will be needed.

5. Your production shipping location, for example USA, Asia, South America, etc.
1. Please inquire about available samples.
1. Lead time approximately 3 weeks.

2. Minimum order is 250 yards for production.